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  1. Karl Sims. Evolving 3D Morphology and Behaviour by Competition. In R. Brooks and P. Maes editors, Artificial Life IV Proceedings, pages 28-39, MIT, Cambridge, MA, USA, 1994. MIT Press. details

  2. Karl Sims. Evolving Virtual Creatures. In Dino Schweitzer and Andrew Glassner and Mike Keeler editors, Computer Graphics, Annual Conference Series, (SIGGRAPH 1994 Proceedings), pages 15-22, Orlando, FL, USA, 1994. ACM. details

  3. Karl Sims. Interactive evolution of dynamical systems. In Francisco J. Varela and Paul Bourgine editors, Toward a Practice of Autonomous Systems: Proceedings of the First European Conference on Artificial Life, pages 171-178, Paris, France, 1992. MIT Press. details

  4. Karl Sims. Interactive evolution of equations for procedural models. In Proceedings of IMAGINA conference, Monte Carlo, January 29-31, 1992, 1992. details

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