Genetic Programming Bibliography entries for Juan Luis Perez

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GP coauthors/coeditors: Alba Catoira Franco, Juan Ramon Rabunal Dopico, A H Gandomi, D Mohammadzadeh Shadmehri, A H Alavi, Iris Gonzalez-Taboada, Belen Gonzalez-Fonteboa, Fernando Martinez Abella, Monica Miguelez, Antoni Cladera Bohigas, Ismael Vieito, Mirian Velay-Lizancos, Isabel Martinez-Lage, Pablo Vazquez-Burgo,

Genetic Programming Articles by Juan Luis Perez

  1. Mirian Velay-Lizancos and Juan Luis Perez-Ordonez and Isabel Martinez-Lage and Pablo Vazquez-Burgo. Analytical and genetic programming model of compressive strength of eco concretes by NDT according to curing temperature. Construction and Building Materials, 144:195-206, 2017. details

  2. Iris Gonzalez-Taboada and Belen Gonzalez-Fonteboa and Fernando Martinez-Abella and Juan Luis Perez-Ordonez. Prediction of the mechanical properties of structural recycled concrete using multivariable regression and genetic programming. Construction and Building Materials, 106:480-499, 2016. details

  3. Amir H. Gandomi and Danial Mohammadzadeh S. and Juan Luis Perez-Ordonez and Amir H. Alavi. Linear genetic programming for shear strength prediction of reinforced concrete beams without stirrups. Applied Soft Computing, 19:112-120, 2014. details

  4. Juan L. Perez and Antoni Cladera and Juan R. Rabunal and Fernando Martinez-Abella. Optimization of existing equations using a new Genetic Programming algorithm: Application to the shear strength of reinforced concrete beams. Advances in Engineering Software, 50:82-96, 2012. CIVIL-COMP. details

  5. Juan L. Perez and Antoni Cladera and Juan R. Rabunal and Fernando Martinez Abella. Optimal adjustment of EC-2 shear formulation for concrete elements without web reinforcement using Genetic Programming. Engineering Structures, 32(11):3452-3466, 2010. details

Genetic Programming conference papers by Juan Luis Perez