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GP coauthors/coeditors: Nanlin Jin, Edward P K Tsang, Xin Yao, Colin M Frayn, Habib G Khosroshahi, Somak Raychaudhury, Xiaoli Li, Sope Taiwo, Zhu Shi, James M Butler, Sheri M Markose, Hakan Er, Abdel Salhi, Giulia Iori, Paul Yung,

Genetic Programming Articles by Jin Li

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  1. Jin Li and Sope Taiwo. Enhancing Financial Decision Making Using Multi-Objective Financial Genetic Programming. In Gary G. Yen and Lipo Wang and Piero Bonissone and Simon M. Lucas editors, Proceedings of the 2006 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation, pages 7935-7942, Vancouver, 2006. IEEE Press. details

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  7. Jin Li and Edward P. K. Tsang. Linear programming. In Proceedings of Twelth International Florida Artificial Intelligence Research Society Conference, 1999. AAAI Press. details

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