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5 Dec New release (1.7421)
2 Dec New release (1.7416)
28 Nov New release (1.7410)
27 Nov Added notes to Swan:2019:GECCOcomp Swan:GPEM
25 Nov New release (1.7403)
24 Nov Added Gay:2023:SSBSE
18 Nov New release (1.7396)
13 Nov New release (1.7389)
7 Nov Added Cortacero:2023:NatCommun, Cortacero:thesis (See also posting on GP discusion list.)
New release (1.7377)
3 Nov Fixup so home pages on etc appear with the right country in and
New release (1.7370)
28 Oct New release (1.7363)
27 Oct Added Salpasaranis:thesis
26 Oct New release (1.7360)
19 Oct Various links provided by MIT press are broken and cause
DOI Not Found
e.g. kinnear:book
The doi links appears to be working ok
The error has been reported to
16 Oct Added Hengzhe_Zhang:ieeeTEC
New release (1.7350)
10 Oct New release (1.7346)
7 Oct Updated oai:CiteSeerPSU:393107, oai:CiteSeerPSU:397503
Fix download.html so that is shown for the .CC domain.
New release (1.7341)
7 Oct Add to It link down. Back running ok 1:00 pm (UK time).
6 Oct Added Reynolds:2023:ALife, dalinghaus:2023:nhess, kabliman:2019:ESAFORM, kabliman:2021:apples, DBLP:series/sci/Hussain11
Updated DBLP:journals/corr/abs-2108-01595
4 Oct New release (1.7333)
24 Sep Marked Paramasivam:2009:ICSPS as in violation of IEEE publication principles
New release (1.7325)
23 Sep Added Andelic:2023:Cancers
New release (1.7323)
16 Sep New release (1.7316)
10 Sep Fixes for gecco2023comp.bib
New release (1.7306 1.7304)
9 Sep Added gecco2023.bib gecco2023comp.bib
New release (1.7301)
8 Sep Update ssbsehadoop
7 Sep Although .AN is said to have been phased out in 2010, it appears to be still in use, therefor fix download.html so that (which used to administer .AN ) is shown for the .AN domain.
3 Sep After a long wind down, finally ceased all operation last month (posting). The Search It feature has been removed from the GP bib main page. See Search Interfaces for alternatives.
ec-bib.html updated.
2 Sep Added Shi:2023:CEC, Zhang:2023:GECCOcomp, Huang:2023:GECCO, Xu:2023:GECCOcomp, Zhu:2023:GECCO
New release (1.7286)
19 Aug New release (1.7278)
11 Aug Returned ok from scheduled power outage.
4 Aug Opps UCL outage planned for next week!! Sorry.
Planned power outage at UCL due Friday 11 August. Disruption may start thursday Aug 10 and continue to Monday 14 August. Perhaps consider using mirror at
3 Aug Planned power outage at UCL due Friday 4 August. Disruption may start today and continue to Monday 7 August. Perhaps consider using mirror at
Added Zhang:2023:GECCO
New release (1.7264)
2 Aug Update sharman:1993:gessm
New release (1.7261)
29 Jul New release (1.7248)
21 Jul New release (1.7240)
20 Jul update Kuepper:2023:PLDI
13 Jul Add Magnusson:2023:MIS, update olsson:1994:thesis
12 Jul New release (1.7234)
10 Jul New release (1.7232)
8 Jul New release (1.7225)
6 Jul New release (1.7223)
30 Jun New release (1.7213)
28 Jun Added GI @ ICSE 2023 video_url on
New release (1.7207)
17 Jun Gap in apache logs 1 to 15 June.
New release (1.7201)
16 Jun
14 Jun Air conditioning failure affected from Saturday evening to early Monday morning
11 Jun Air conditioning failure affected UCL gpbib server.
Perhaps consider using mirror at
10 Jun New release (1.7195)
5 Jun New release (1.7185)
3 Jun New release (1.7182)
31 May New release (1.7177)
27 May New release (1.7175)
23 May New release (1.7173)
22 May New release (1.7170)
16 May New release (1.7166)
15 May New release (1.7165 1.7164)
11 May Added BUCCHERI2022100398
New release (1.7163)
10 May Added Dell'Aquila:2021:cpc
New release (1.7161)
6 May Update nachbar:1995
New release (1.7155)
30 Apr Sipper:2020:Programmatic_Boosting withdrawn. Added Sipper:2022:mlwa
New release (1.7146)
25 Apr Update Diaz-Alvarez:2022:MC
New release (1.7122 1.7121)
23 Apr Update fernandez:1998:nmisrGP
Request information on missing GP publications GP discussion list
21 Apr New release (1.7115)
17 Apr Added Zhang:2020:CIS, Zhang:2022:swarmEC
New release (1.7108)
10 Apr New release (1.7102)
9 Apr New release (1.7096)
8 Apr Added Huang:ieeeTEC
New release (1.7089 1.7086)
3 Apr Added percolation-of-the-impact-of-coding-mistakes-through-a-program
1 Apr New release (1.7072)
30 Mar New release (1.7066)
24 Mar Added xu:ieeeTSC, Zhang:ieeeTEVC
New release (r1.7060)
15 Mar Added EuroGP 2023 papers: Ferreira:2023:EuroGP, Schofield:2023:EuroGP, Reuter:2023:EuroGP, Hu:2023:EuroGP, Juza:2023:EuroGP, Zhang:2023:EuroGP, Wittenberg:2023:EuroGP, Carvalho:2023:EuroGP, Zhou:2023:EuroGP, Martins-Lima:2023:EuroGP, Matsumoto:2023:EuroGP, Crary:2023:EuroGP, Leite:2023:EuroGP, Kowalczykiewicz:2023:EuroGP, Ingelse:2023:EuroGP, langdon:2023:EuroGP, Miralavy:2023:EuroGP, Maria-Simoes:2023:EuroGP, Nadizar:2023:EuroGP, Durasevic:2023:EuroGP, Sobania:2023:EuroGP, De-Carlo:2023:EuroGP,
New release(1.7047)
12 Mar New release (1.7041)
10 Mar 16000th entry DBLP:conf/scam/AdlerFGKLLLS21
Added Fredericks:2023:GI, Watkinson:2023:GI, langdon:2023:GI, Griffin:2023:GI, Krauss:2023:GI, Kang:2023:GI
New release (1.7035)
9 Mar Added Meng_Xu:ieeeTEC
New release (1.7028)
7 Mar Added Alshahwan:2023:ICST
6 Mar Nguyen:2013:ICSE has been awarded the "Most Influential Paper from ICSE 2013"
3-4 Mar Added Motwani:2022:TSE, Afzal:2021:TSE, Weiss:2017:ASE, Motwani:2023:ICSE, First:2020:OOPSLA, First:2022:ICSE, Agrawal:2023:ICSE
New release (1.7022)
26-27 Feb Added Andelic:2022:FI, Andelic:2022:Sensors, Andelic:2022:applsci, Andelic:2023:Machines, Andelic:2023:applsci, Andelic:2023:applsci2
New release (1.7013)
22 Feb Fixup gap in apache logs 31 January to 20 February
19 Feb New release (1.7001)
15 Feb problem with "Hello" should now no longer happen (see note for 3 Feb). Please do not hesitate to let me know of any connection problems.
New release (1.6988)
12 Feb New release (1.6980)
3 Feb Note do not use https:// protocol to access
If you are just getting an empty "Hello" www page, it might be worth checking your phone or laptop has not automatically switched to using https://
27 Jan Added Kovacic2022469
New release (1.6970)
22 Jan New release (r1.6964)
20 Jan Mirror now updating ok
19 Jan Problem with mirror not fully updating, traced to difference between --mirror on wget 1.14 and wget 1.19.5 when talking to web server Apache/2.4.6 (CentOS) following the upgrade to the server supporting My thanks to Rachel for helping to diagnosing this.
17 Jan Thanks to Paul Ortyl the problem has already been fixed. Longer term a more permanent solution is needed.
Pierre Collet has reported a problem with The Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies search function. ( ceased operation in August.)
13 Jan New release (1.6953)
6-13 Jan It turns out that the problem with mirror not updating impacts only a few pages (such as this one). That is, almost all pages at are up to date. Investigations continuing.
As with each start of a new year, the list of GP home pages has been updated to omit authors with only papers published before ten years ago (i.e. before 2013).
1-5 Jan Mirror now available but still not updating

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