Genetic Programming Bibliography entries for Yu-Ping Chen

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GP coauthors/coeditors: Hong-Qing Cao, Li-Shan Kang, Zbigniew Michalewicz, Jingxian Yu, Yongyan Chen, Tao Guo, Hugo de Garis,

Genetic Programming Articles by Yu-Ping Chen

  1. Hongqing Cao and Lishan Kang and Yuping Chen and Tao Guo. The Dynamic Evolutionary Modeling of HODEs for Time Series Prediction. Computers \& Mathematics with Applications, 46(8-9):1397-1411, 2003. details

  2. Hongqing Cao and Lishan Kang and Yuping Chen and Jingxian Yu. Evolutionary Modeling of Systems of Ordinary Differential Equations with Genetic Programming. Genetic Programming and Evolvable Machines, 1(4):309-337, 2000. details

  3. Hong-Qing Cao and Li-Shan Kang and Tao Guo and Yu-Ping Chen and Hugo de Garis. A two-level hybrid evolutionary algorithm for modeling one-dimensional dynamic systems by higher-order ODE models. IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics -- Part B: Cybernetics, 40(2):351-357, 2000. details

  4. Hongqing Cao and Jingxian Yu and Lishan Kang and Yuping Chen and Yongyan Chen. The Kinetic Evolutionary Modeling of Complex Systems of Chemical Reactions. Computers \& Chemistry, 23(2):143-152, 1999. details

  5. Hongqing Cao and Lishan Kang and Zbigniew Michalewicz and Yuping Chen. A Hybrid Evolutionary Modeling Algorithm for System of Ordinary Differential Equations. Neural, Parallel \& Scientific Computations, 6(2):171-188, 1998. details

Genetic Programming conference papers by Yu-Ping Chen