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GP coauthors/coeditors: Santiago Garcia Carbajal, Fermin Gonzalez Martinez, Oscar Cordon, Francisco Herrera, Yuviny Echevarria Cartaya, Cecilio Jose Blanco Viejo, Antonio Miguel Lopez Rodriguez, Hilario Lopez Garcia, Ines Couso, J A Corrales, Jose R Villar,

Genetic Programming Articles by Luciano Sanchez

  1. Yuviny Echevarria and Cecilio Blanco and Luciano Sanchez. Learning human-understandable models for the health assessment of Li-ion batteries via Multi-Objective Genetic Programming. Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, 86:1-10, 2019. details

  2. Luciano Sanchez and Jose R. Villar. Obtaining transparent models of chaotic systems with multi-objective simulated annealing algorithms. Information Sciences, 178(4):952-970, 2008. details

  3. Luciano Sanchez and Ines Couso and J. A. Corrales. Combining GP operators with SA search to evolve fuzzy rule based classifiers. Information Sciences, 136(1-4):175-191, 2001. details

  4. Luciano Sanchez. Interval-valued GA-P algorithms. IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation, 4(1):64-72, 2000. details

  5. Oscar Cordon and Francisco Herrera and Luciano Sanchez. Solving Electrical Distribution Problems Using Hybrid Evolutionary Data Analysis Techniques. Applied Intelligence, 10(1):5-24, 1999. details

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