Genetic Programming Bibliography entries for Gang Chen

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GP coauthors/coeditors: Kirita-Rose Escott, Hui Ma, Atiya Masood, Yi Mei, Harith Al-Sahaf, Mengjie Zhang, He Ni, Fengrui Sun,

Genetic Programming conference papers by Gang Chen

  1. Atiya Masood and Gang Chen and Yi Mei and Harith Al-Sahaf and Mengjie Zhang. Genetic Programming Hyper-heuristic with Gaussian Process-based Reference Point Adaption for Many-Objective Job Shop Scheduling. In Carlos A. Coello Coello and Sanaz Mostaghim editors, 2022 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation (CEC), Padua, Italy, 2022. details

  2. Kirita-Rose Escott and Hui Ma and Gang Chen. A Genetic Programming Hyper-Heuristic Approach to Design High-Level Heuristics for Dynamic Workflow Scheduling in Cloud. In 2020 IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence (SSCI), pages 3141-3148, 2020. details

  3. Kirita-Rose Escott and Hui Ma and Gang Chen. Genetic Programming Based Hyper Heuristic Approach for Dynamic Workflow Scheduling in the Cloud. In Sven Hartmann and Josef Kueng and Gabriele Kotsis and A Min Tjoa and Ismail Khalil editors, Database and Expert Systems Applications - 31st International Conference, DEXA 2020, Bratislava, Slovakia, September 14-17, 2020, Proceedings, Part II, volume 12392, pages 76-90, 2020. Springer. details

  4. He Ni and Gang Chen and Fengrui Sun. The convergence strategies and pause matter for evolutionary modeling. In 29th Chinese Control Conference (CCC 2010), pages 5216-5223, 2010. details